Verification of the authenticity and integrity of gSMC-KT

To verify the authenticity and integrity of the gSMC-KT, you have the following options:
  1. If your supplied gSMC-KT corresponds to the following illustration and shows the CHERRY logo.

  2. If the printed serial number and the printed fingerprint match the information in the cover letter.

  3. You can contact us under the number +49 9643 2061-100 in the same way as the secure supply chain to check the serial number and the fingerprint for authenticity.


Reference sources of gSMC-KT

The following dealers are supplied by us and the gSMC-KT can be obtained from these:
  • Currently the gSMC-KT is not yet distributed. In the future there will be a list of references.


Verification of the safe supply chain G87-1505

After completion of the certification of the safe delivery, the possibility of the verification will be described here.

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