Telematic solutions

eHealth-BCS Tastatur G87-1504

Are you looking for a keyboard for the electronic health card? Then this device is a must. Its user-friendliness and complete reliability ensure the space-saving G87-1504 is unique in its class.

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MKT+ Terminal ST-2052

The ST-2052 terminal used for reading the eGK (electronic health card) and KVK (health insurance card) is the clever alternative for all price-conscious users prior to the launch of the connectors. Once the connectors are installed, the terminal will become a compact all-rounder, which can be used conveniently for electronic signatures or home banking. The USB-smartcard reader can be operated easily with one hand due to its sturdy weight and stable stand. Please note that the device must be approved by the manufacturer of the practice administration program or hospital information system to enable use of the entire scope of functions. For more information contact the manufacturer of the software you are using directly.

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Mobiles Terminal ST-1530

The multi-functional card terminal is suitable for stationary and mobile use. Ease of operation and problem-free compatibility with all standard software programs make the battery-powered ST-1530 a delight to use, and it can also be easily integrated into any existing EDP system. The extremely compact mobile terminal is the first of its type to feature a high-definition colour display, and when used with a USB adapter, it is also suitable for use as a table-top device.

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eHealth-BCS Terminal ST-1503

Are you looking for a completely reliable terminal for the new electronic health card? Then this device is a must. Easy to operate, completely reliable and rapid data transmission make the network-enabled ST-1503 standard in its class. The ST-1503 also consumes power very economically thanks to the On/Off switch not found on every terminal.

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What is telematics all about?

The interlinking of several information systems by means of telecommunications and specific data processing. Communication between the individual components gives the entire system considerable added value. This technology can be applied in various areas such as healthcare (eHealth), traffic (tolls) and logistics (eCommerce).


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