Saves space on the desk and connections on the PC with just one USB port: the CHERRY KC 1000 SC-Z security keyboard with integrated Class 2 reader. Developed and produced in Europe under BSI-certified conditions. The integrated smart card terminal satisfies all the requirements relating to electronic signatures, authentication, data encryption and access authorization. Together with the relevant applications, this corded security keyboard is effectively the reliable doorman in the workplace - certified, intelligent and uncompromising. It provides the necessary long-term security - and without access rights you can´t get in...

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MultiBoard MX V2 G80-7040

Why not determine the rules on your compact keyboard yourself and decide just how much independence and comfort you want! Our V2-USB keyboard models are completely programmable. The MX V2 G80-7040 can be used with standard magnetic and chipcard readers as required. This multi-talented device is a must-have for all data transfer applications - despite the amazingly compact design.

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MultiBoard MX V2 G80-8040

Why not determine the rules on your keyboard yourself and decide just how much independence and comfort you want! Our V2-USB keyboard models are completely programmable. The MX V2 G80-8040 can be used with standard magnetic and chipcard readers as required. Slightly larger than its sister model 7040, the 8040 offers added comfort throughout the range of functions.

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CHERRY TC 1300 - the reliable solution for bidirectional communication with contact and contactless chip cards. Design: intelligent. Operation: with one hand. Workmanship: high-quality.

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CHERRY TC 1200 - the reliable solution for bidirectional communication with contactless chip cards. Design: intelligent. Operation: with one hand. Workmanship: high-quality.

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CHERRY TC 1100 - the reliable solution for bidirectional communication with contact chip cards. Design: intelligent. Operation: with one hand. Workmanship: high-quality.

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Lasting reliability. Timeless elegance. Intelligent concept. CHERRY KC 1000 SC combines the benefits of a classic CHERRY office keyboard with the security-related requirements of a security keyboard.

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SmartTerminal ST-2000U

Everything a smartcard reader needs. The reliable PIN entry through the class 2 reader and the EMV certification make this ergonomic input device a product you can count on. This multi-talented device also impresses with its pleasant pressure point and feel. A must-have on every desk for applications requiring state-of-the-art security. Major benefit: the ST-2000U fulfils the requirements of the law governing electronic signatures (SigG) and the regulation on electronic signatures (SigV), giving electronic signatures a new standard of security.

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SmartTerminal ST-1044U

It can cope with anything. A stable device which can be operated with one hand for reading and writing on chip cards. Whether for access monitoring, network logon or chip card-based internet transactions - the smartcard reader with USB connection is the perfect solution.

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SmartReader SR-4044

Mobile but safe? No problem with the SmartReader SR-4044. The light-weight device deals easily with all issues surrounding mobile security such as access control, data encryption, network security (Wireless LAN), as well as financial and administration transactions (e-banking, e-government).

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SmartReader SR-5044

ExpressCards offer even more speed and performance than the PC card. With its diverse range of application possibilities, the ExpressCard smartcard reader adds a new level of performance to your notebook or PC. From mobile security through to multimedia applications.

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As a biometrics specialist, Bromba provides consulting services as well as software and hardware components for industrial, trading, and public customers. Based on patented algorithms, Bromba develops and offers fingerprint technology with outstanding performance, especially suited to the challenges of low-cost fingerprint sensors. There is a close cooperation with Cherry in the area of development and software support for biometric devices.


cryptovision is a leading supplier of innovative IT cryptographic security solutions. Based on its 10 year market experience and broad background in modern cryptographic techniques, such as Elliptic Curve Cryptography, all cryptovision products provide the most state-of-the-art and future-proof technologies. The company specializes in lean add-on components which can be integrated into nearly any IT system to gain more security in a both convenient and cost-effective way. From small devices like citizen eID cards, all the way to large scale IT infrastructures, more than 30 million people worldwide make use of cryptovision products every day in such diverse sectors as defense, automotive, financial, government, retails and industry.


The Chemnitz-based company digitronic has been implementing IT solutions in the fields of security and secure communication since 1991. Our dynamic and highly-motivated team develops innovative solutions with an unwavering focus on reliability and functionality. Along with two-factor authentication (secure log on) and access protection (department and data safe - crypted group share), a wide range of products for a variety of applications also encompasses formal communication as well as systems for fast and flexible messaging.


GloboFleet® is known in the transport & logistics branch for it’s innovative, reliable and functional solutions. Since 2007 GloboFleet® has been supporting companies all over Europe in the implementation of the legal requirements in archiving and analyzing digital tachographs.
GloboFleet® products convince through their user friendly products and value for all company sizes. The product portfolio ranges from archiving with practical hardware using simple software solutions up to complex data management solutions for international companies regardless of size. From an idea till the final product we rely on “Made in Germany”. Not only do our german customers know to judge our quality factor but also our customers Europe-wide as well.


intarsys is one of the leading manufacturers in the electronic signature and PDF/A sector. intarsys also produces software certified according to common criteria for individual, batch and mass signatures, as well as for multiple signatures in complex business processes. Using the product Sign Live! CC, qualified electronic signatures can be created on the basis of smart cards and Cherry card readers. This allows you to endorse your documents with legally-binding signatures. From workplace use for signing individual documents electronically, to high-capacity mass signature on signature servers, the Sign Live! product range provides a suitable solution for every application scenario. All signature products are enhanced by an option allowing documents to be converted into PDF/A before signing them, which is the only ISO document standard for long-term archiving. This combination provides the highest level of security and long-term stability.


Founded in 2002 with headquarters in Berlin, Germany, secrypt specialises in services and software solutions for ensuring the authenticity, tamper resistance and confidentiality of sensitive data in electronic business processes by means of electronic signatures and encryption technology. secrypt offers software solutions for using electronic signatures, smart cards and secure electronic documents. The flexibility and variety of combinations offered by the digiSeal software modules enable the implementation of diverse workflow scenarios. For instance, together with its partners, secrypt offers integrated and comprehensive solutions for electronically dispatching invoices in accordance with the latest changes in legislation.

Encryption - the highest possible security for your transfers.

Don't take risks. Encryption is essential for transmitting data in your network. Be on the safe side with the right hardware and the ideal software solution for you.


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