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CHERRY STREAM XT T2 – at home anywhere in Europe thanks to expanded character assignment


The DIN 2137-compliant European variant of the CHERRY STREAM XT T2 enables the faster entry of special characters with enhanced assignment and labelling

Auerbach, 19 September 2012 – Periphery specialist CHERRY will from now on be offering its successful STREAM XT as a European keyboard with expanded T2 keyboard assignment complying with DIN 2137. The new STREAM XT T2 is therefore optimal for the correct entry of uncommon letters and special characters in all of the world's primary, Latin-alphabet, official languages as well as for several minority languages. In addition to the expanded character assignment, other characteristic features of the CHERRY STREAM XT T2 are its exceptional ergonomics and robust construction materials. This means that the T2 CHERRY keyboard is not sensitive to contact with liquids and is therefore enduringly reliable.

The DIN 2137-compliant, expanded T2 keyboard assignment enables optimum and quick entry of special characters when communicating in all Latin-alphabet official languages, as well as minority languages in Germany and Austria. This is critical for correct business correspondence and spelling names in their respective languages. In addition to this, the T2 assignment enables the correct entry of all German and Anglo-American punctuation characters. Sigrid Harder from the translation service provider Document Service Center GmbH said of her CHERRY European keyboard: “The enhanced keyboard assignment is amazingly practical. At last, I no longer need to spend forever searching in character tables because I have the most important special characters right there on the keyboard.”   
Fig.: CHERRY STREAM XT T2 with DIN 2137-compliant T2 key assignment

Ergonomic, robust T2 keyboard from CHERRY
The CHERRY STREAM XT T2 enables the quick entry of uncommon letters and special characters in the languages named above. The short-stroke keys enable precise, fast writing with minimal noise generation. Installing the required driver software is quick and simple. The CHERRY T2 keyboard is compatible with all Office applications from Windows 7 onwards. The robust construction makes the keyboard not only resistant to contact with fluids, but also reliable and durable – even in demanding professional everyday use. The STREAM XT T2 has GS approval and the “Blue Angel” environmental seal as well as a seal of approval from the healthy back campaign.

G83-6000 – a classic 2.0
After successfully completing tests, the classic CHERRY G83-6000 keyboard will also be available with expanded character assignment. In particular in the B2B environment, the proven, corded,  mechanical-stroke keyboard remains one of the most popular input devices. More than 30 million satisfied users world-wide work with the top-selling Office keyboard, and now thanks to the expanded character assignment, its fan-base is set to grow further.

Prices and availability: The CHERRY STREAM XT T2 is available from specialist retailers in black or light grey at a price of €29.99.


Contact for editors:

Michael Schmid
D-91275 Auerbach
Tel.: 0 96 43 /  2061 666

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CHERRY STREAM XT T2 – at home anywhere in Europe thanks to expanded character assignment

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