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CHERRY KC 1068 – Keyboard with IP68 protection and best typing comfort


Auerbach, April 14th 2015 - CHERRY, specialist in computer input peripherals, is introducing their new model “KC 1068”, a keyboard for the e-health market which was developed according to the highest hygiene requirements. With its IP68-certification, the KC 1068 has been protected against pathogens or contaminants that may cause infections and can be easily cleaned and disinfected. The new, wired IP68-keyboard will be first presented at the healthcare IT fair conhIT 2015 in Berlin.

Full protection with IP68 certification

CHERRY has equipped the KC 1068 with a high-quality, welded protective cover that provides a high degree of resistance to liquids, cleaning solutions and the most common disinfectants. The KC 1068 is even designed to withstand long-term immersion in up to one meter of water. These special characteristics are ensured by the IP68 certification.

Easy to clean for hygienic operation

The KC 1068-keyboard has been designed for critical environments requiring the highest hygiene standards and maximum protection against infection-causing contaminants. Thus, the new CHERRY keyboard is particularly suitable for use in medical facilities. Cleaning and disinfecting the KC 1068 is made simple due to its smooth surface and its protective cover, which has no depressions or edges.

Best typing comfort and highest quality

Despite its comprehensive protective properties, the flat design of the KC 1068 provides an optimal typing comfort when compared to conventional IP68 keyboards. This comfort is further enhanced by its key's tactile feedback. In addition, the whisper keystroke technology ensures a quiet operation. The keys have a lifespan of up to ten million keypresses and an average operation time of over 80,000 hours, underlining the high reliability of the KC 1068. Due to plug&play functionality this wired USB keyboard can be used without additional installation software.

Price and availability

The CHERRY KC 1068 is available for sale immediately at a suggested retail price of €69.90. Interested buyers can choose between a white and black color option.

Contact for editors:

Michael Schmid
D-91275 Auerbach
Tel.: 0 96 43 /  2061 666

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CHERRY KC 1068 – Keyboard with IP68 protection and best typing comfort

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